Bronia Sawyer



Dyslexia has affected me my whole life in many ways but I do not see it as a  complete negative affect in my life,


Dyslexia is not an illness it is a different way of thinking, I am glad that I think the way I do.


I wish I didn't miss words out when I write, I wish I understood grammar to a higher level, I wish I could spell better, I wish when I looked at a page I could see my mistakes so that I could correct them, but at the moment I can't and I just have to do the best I can. I love to read and write and I'm not going to hide away and not write in case I make a mistake. I encourage people to point out my mistakes and to help me to know where I have gone wrong so I can fix it.


I know some people struggle with dyslexia, they struggle and/or feel stupid. I sometimes feel stupid because I have to look up how to spell simple words. I don't really 100% understand punctuation but I am more than just spelling and punctuation as are you.

You are an individual with your own unique way of looking at the world, our difference are our strengths. We are not all good at everything and wouldnt the world be boring if we were. We all possess our own unique skills we all have value and worth.


I have found some of useful websites and hope they are helpful to you if you have dyslexia or want to understand more about it.


www.nhs.uks. hints and tips Characteristics


help with dyslexia