Bronia Sawyer

I love Crafts, I love how crafts can bring people together from meeting up with my friends to teach or learn a new skill to going to collage with my sister for our ceramics evening class. I love how it feels to learn, explore, and experiment. I love that it can be a gateway to relaxation and self-worth and how it feels like a therapy. I also love (and I’m aware I love a lot when it comes to arts and crafts) I also love that craft can cross over and be used in fine art. It can be the making that is important or it can be what is made that is important or it can be both.

Through delivering workshops I see how crafts can build self-esteem and be enjoyable and relaxing.

It encourages creative thought from a simple starting point.



sea urchins made from old books

Die cut and hand cut paper and fabric flowers

handcut, die cut and electronically cut crafts

Embossed parchment sea urchins

Book birds

home made stamps


A selection of paper and felt fascinators made useing the Sizzix bigshot die cutter and the Cricut explore cutter.

paper beetles

IMG_0311 IMG_0309 IMG_0313 IMG_0310 IMG_0314 IMG_8184