Bronia Sawyer

1000 Kaleidoscopes and mental health

This project has been an idea for a while

The project is a mixture of meditation therapy and relaxation.


anxiety and ocd are repetative they anre negative repetition

kaleidoscopes are positive repetition which help me to calm anxious thoughts.


I plan to create a collection of a thousand kaleidoscopes and show them to promote talking about mental health. As someone who has been affected by poor mental health at times I know how important it is not to stigmatise people who are struggling. I’m a believer that most people in their lives will struggle mentally at some point and we all need to try our best to empathise and support one another through time in our lives that can feel somewhat lonely.

I encourage anyone suffering to get help and talk to people about how they feel, we are not robots we are human beings with feelings and thoughts of our own that’s what makes us incredible.

Things that have helped me are Counselling, and other therapy,mindfulness, talking with family or friends and self reflection through art and poetry.